I’m talking about those certain moments, when you unintentionally take a short pause while they are happening and make a self note to always ‘remember’ them.

There’s no guide to best moments. They just sort of happen by themselves. The strange thing is, they happen exactly when you need them.

Another strange thing about moments is that, it really only depends on your frame of mind. For an instance, you could be sitting on the porch and having a smoke and ‘thinking’, and you could be feeling lonely and isolated and detached from the universe, basically like a general fuck-up; or, you could be doing the exact same thing while you’re feeling extremely peaceful, happy and capable sipping your coffee, listening to the perfect song for your mood. That’s when you know you’re having a best moment.

The best moments happen when you are surrounded by the people you love and they are all just so incredibly happy talking, eating and having random conversations (while being very loud for no apparent reason). Even those moments you have with your friends when you’re feeling silly and are high and singing to songs that you don’t actually know the lyrics to on a freaking Monday afternoon or a rainy Tuesday night when everything feels animated. They’re precious.

These moments happen when the universe is basically smiling and winking back at us or rather giving us a high five.

The best moments happen when you give yourself some credit, you take a break, you think better, you let go off of the internal mind fuck and completely concentrate on existing. Or when you stand around in the kitchen eating Nutella at 3 in the morning.

It could be meeting someone new and hitting it off instantly and knowing that you’ve made a friend you can drink cheap alcohol with on rooftops and parks and tell each other stupid little things. When you feel content and understood and also relieved. More importantly, plainly happy like a child who made their first friend.

I’m sure these moments happen when you’re completely certain about yourself as in who you are and where you’d like to be. Or when you feel incredibly free after realizing that nothing inherently matters.

There may be days when you’re all alone and you’re not quite sure if you know anybody anymore and you’re absurdly broke, the best moments happen and you feel everything settle.

You never know.


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