The Things I’m Oh-So-Thankful For


Honestly, at times I do feel like an ungrateful, thankless sob but I do know at the back of my head that there’s so much to appreciate. Howbeit, we still don’t happen to see all of the ‘feel-good’ things. We go on about our jazz (which is usually quite the contrary of ‘feel-good’).

So I made a list of all the things I’m immensely thankful for every day.

 1. For family – that does not just include blood relations, it’s all those wonderful people that make you feel at home, always.

2. For a refrigerator full of food.

3. For friends – you couldn’t possibly stay sane without that group of people that you love and they love you back unconditionally (In fact, they’re more like family considering the amount of time you spend with them).

4. For being in relatively good health.

5. For pets – the dogs, the cats, the birds (the whatsoever). It’s such a pleasure to go back home to them for they are always so compassionate and welcoming. (I’m a dog person).

6. For a roof over my head.

7. For parents – they will always want you to stick to the right path and they will always make it a point to guide you. (Even if you sometimes feel like you just need to get them off your back), they are the people who will genuinely and wholeheartedly wish the best for you and they’ll hate to see you fall. Ever.

8. For internet access.

9. For brothers and sisters – you couldn’t possibly get annoyed with anyone else as much as you do with your sister/brother. She/he could bring out your homicidal tendencies but you could never let anyone hurt a hair on their head.

10. For this couch I’m sitting on.

11.For “the one” – the one who makes your life shine “brighter than sunshine”. They just do.

12.For hugs when you need them. Or not.

13. For a phone and all the other magical devices, to keep in touch with whomever we want, anywhere in the world.

14. For chocolate. YES!

15. For having experienced heart-break, pain or loss, it’s because you had something that meant something to you.

16.For all the wonderful music that exists and gives a form of sense to everything.

17.For the books you read.

18. For cigarettes and booze.

I could keep adding things to this list but then I’m afraid I would feel rather spoilt and pampered which I don’t really approve of. But nonetheless, I am grateful. I really am!

I hope you are too.


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