Nothing’s quite as apt as this quote to start the year.

January 1st marks the day when clean slates are handed out to the people on this planet; the universe goes like – “Okay, so…umm…make new mistakes, maybe? Fix yourself? Here you go, here’s a fresh start. Make some use of it?”

So it’s a new year all over again! I do this thing towards the end of every year where I mentally plan to be more organized, work hard, eat healthy, read more, grow into a better person and be a lot happier. (It makes me want to work towards something at the beginning of the year; it’s like a kick start to all my other plans and so I start with the basics). I’m not very big on new year resolutions but this year I would love to focus on ‘potential’ rather than ‘flaws’ in all my undertakings and see how that works out for me. It gives me a strong feeling that it might just make a huge difference, in general because we so often tend to overlook the potential factor that we might have in a particular sphere. If we would pay more attention to that ‘hidden promising element’ and work on it, it will yield.


Bring it on.


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