A Letter of Plain Advice for My Favourite Sister in the Whole Wide World, Who Moved to China to Become a Swell Doc

Because it's always tea-time with you

Because it’s always tea-time with you

Dear Dolly,

Living by yourself may not seem ideal. Even though, it somehow is very appealing to me. Making Top Ramen in the middle of the night without me telling you how hungry I am, yet again, and you finally getting up after quite a lot of persuasion to do the task for me and then us finally sharing the noodles, is no fun, I’m betting (so it’s 3 in the morning, I’m super hungry and I would love a bowl of Ramen but I’m way too lazy to get up and make it myself). I’ve been meaning to tell you, it’s okay to miss home. It’s okay to tell me how it feels or even to whine about it. But what’s really important is that you do things, embrace being in a new place without parental supervision and have your share of fun (I really hope you’re already doing that). Try to enjoy it while you can because in some years from now, probably seven, you will have a husband and some children (even I will and you know what they’re going to call you, yes, you do know, Doll). You’ll wish, sometimes, that you could go back to the time when you were able to do whatever you wanted.

If you ever stumble, you know, you’ve got a magical device called a cell-phone and I am always at the other end to listen to you. I promise to make you laugh, what so ever (because that’s what I do from across the dining table at a serious dinner and you can never control it or rather we always end up laughing). As I think about it now, it feels as though we grew up so quickly, like our childhood was on fast-forward mode and now the pace is seemingly slowing down but I’m sure this will all suddenly pass, and we’ll be old like our sisters (hence, I’m in no hurry and neither should you be since we’ve got so much to do and so little time). All what I’m trying to say is that – try doing all the things you’ve wanted to do, have new experiences, work hard and at the end of the day, please give yourself some credit because you deserve it.

Also, if you ever get lonely, remember that you’ve got a whole darn bunch of people out here and they would talk and talk and talk over Skype and that everyone loves you, you’re the baby of the house, after all. I love you more than the others though.

I shall see you sooner than you think.

Love always,



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