3 A.M Musings And All That

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I was walking around a park in Bangalore. The ‘Yellow’ got to me.

“So slip on your goggles and your reading trunks, for the sun is high. Let me leave you with one more thought. In what season of the year do we find ourselves – I’m speaking for a moment in terms of the physical world – wading through things? Surf. Kelp. Books. Summer.”

Roy Blount Jr., Where Books Fall Open: A Reader’s Anthology of Wit & Passion

It’s March and lately it’s been all about surprise showers and cool breeze, especially during the evenings. The sky is sweating because soon it’s going to be so hot. I love the rain for there’s something beautiful about the lack of control you have when it rains. The seasons are changing. It’s the arrival of my beloved summer. It’s the season I most want to write about. Summers are a time for wandering and rediscovering. There’s such a feel to it!

There’s something about them that has always appealed to me. I am not quite sure if it’s the mangoes or the afternoons that I often enjoy spending in front of the air cooler, reading while sipping on iced tea. I grew up reading ‘The Famous Five’ series by Enid Blyton and it never failed to amuse me. Those kids were always up to something so cool. The Five really got me into reading avidly and those books manage to get me so nostalgic.

It’s late now and I feel slightly overwhelmed by all these thoughts running through my head. I’ll be done with college in about a month. I’ll be a graduate! It’s the end of an era, really, and it’s quite hard to digest.

Orson Welles said:

“If you want a happy ending that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.”

This seems to be very appropriate for I shall begin the next part (which I’m hoping is pretty cool too) with great enthusiasm but for now graduation’s got to be the happy ending to an important chapter of my life.

Looking forward to the summer and ‘the next chapter’.

Here’s to future days!


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