Stop, Already.


Tina Fey in Mean Girls

The other day I was sitting with a friend of mine at this place I go to quite often. We were in the middle of a conversation, minding our own business. On the other table, there was this girl I knew from college (I don’t really know her and neither does she, she is a mere acquaintance). So out of nowhere, this girl starts speaking real loudly and I can hear my name followed by a string of incredibly rude statements that she wanted me to hear. She seemed to know a lot about what was going on in my life. It was basically worthless gossip and she seemed to really enjoy it. I did not want to react to this and make her feel important but she got me thinking and I felt sorry for her.

It made me wonder why certain girls/women have the need to pick on their own kind. Also, are their attempts in trying to take other women down actually attempts to make them feel better about themselves? Is it absolutely necessary to form preconceived notions about other women? As women we should be allies to each other instead of having so much negativity from within about the others. It sucks that we have this whole mentality where we are set against each other and that is what’s keeping us from being healthy and whole individuals. It’s important that we get rid of this whole idea now-ish. Women need to realize that what matters is to take time to boost one another up instead of pulling each other down

This whole “I’m-so-evil-attitude” could just become a habit and this ‘mean girl’ will turn into a mean woman one day and there’s nothing cute about that.


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