An Open Letter To My Soon-To-Be-Married-Big Sister

I’ve been trying to come up with something for over a week now and it never felt quite right because I can’t even begin to tell you how I’m feeling.

You’re getting married in a week! It surprisingly hasn’t hit me yet and I haven’t quite fully absorbed the fact that you will not be sharing the bathroom with me (although you have sort of conveniently monopolized the bathroom and the mirror and the couch…oh…AND the remote…However, I enjoy putting up a good fight for all of the things mentioned). I am sure it WILL hit me big on the day you’re dressed as a bride.

It’s a part of life to close one chapter and enter a new one, and I’m both happy and sad; I’m guessing that’s a typical reaction to this huge a life change. We are five years apart, and extremely different yet similar at the same time, as only sisters can be. We have always been close and I think you’ve made me so very tolerable because I can’t name another person on the face of this planet who could possibly get under my skin as much as you can and yet, my day seems incomplete without your involvement. I love how there are certain people in this world you can just be your best self or your worst self with and at the end of the day they will love you, not because they’re your family or whatever but because they just seem to get you in a way no one else can, and I know that works for both of us.

You’ve played an endless number of roles in my life – my life coach for the million lessons, my partner in crime and most importantly, my best friend. You are one of the strongest people I know and I admire you greatly for being so very resilient when times were hard. The most substantial thing that I’ve learnt from you is to be my own person and forge my own path, no matter what anyone else thinks. I wouldn’t be the person I am today, if it weren’t for you (although, that may seem very cliché and that a lot of people can say that about a lot of people, you are the person I would say that for). I’m going to miss you and I’m fretting over how lonely it’d be without you. I will miss our late night balcony chats; I will miss watching crap TV shows with you…Basically, I will miss everything that involves you in it.

I’m not usually one for telling people how I feel (unless I’m a little drunk) but I have to say how lucky I am to have you as my sister. There’s simply no one like you.
I love you so much. I wish you and my future brother-in-law nothing but happiness

(Oh! and babies).

I would probably just tell you all this in person if we were sentimental people but I would rather post it on my blog that you, on rare occasions, happen to read.

Congratulations to the beautiful bride!


One thought on “An Open Letter To My Soon-To-Be-Married-Big Sister

  1. Omg! You’ll always be my little baby sister. Thanks for bearing with my crazy ways..i will continue to annoy you. Thanks for being there always. Thanks for being the most wonderful sister. I am going to miss you. But, I am not gona let you miss me too much… Your nosy sister that I am after all :p I love you more than life itself.

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