Just Breathe


I took this picture while I was on a boat in Hikkaduwa (a small town on the South coast of Sri Lanka) It was so serene. I could only hear the sound of the rowing boat, the waves that came along and the birds chirping.

I love how silence can be so emotionally cleansing. In a castle of chaos, silence is therapeutic. There’s so much disorganization in my head and when I speak, it’s evident. It’s hard to make sense to others when you can’t make sense to yourself. But there’s no shame in being a mess or having scars inside and out. It’s liberating to allow yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling wholly and expressing your authentic feelings. Absorbing the faint whispers of the universe in the midst of all this disarray is divine. I’m listening to the trees as they sway in the wind and the sound of raindrops and the singing birds because they have much more to say. When I dream of you, I know it’s real because dreams are experiences and experiences are real. The emotions attached to them are real. I’m not going to run; I’m going to fix what’s broken. I’m quiet because I’m listening to life.


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