Clutter (noun) – a collection of things lying about in an untidy state

I was cleaning out my room yesterday and it took me a good while to sort through my stuff – the things I needed to keep and the ones I needed to get rid of. It’s crazy how I had these cabinets and drawers filled with stuff I couldn’t bear to throw away or look at but had held onto for so long. Items that seemed useless yet they were sort of important to me in a way.

Quite often, we hang onto far more objects than we need.

Much like the physical clutter that I was surrounded with; it hit me that I had just as much emotional and mental clutter within me. It was draining me of my energy.

As I discarded all the things that I didn’t need, there was so much space in the room. It was only my physical space that I had cleared out and yet I already felt much freer and lighter.

I wondered how it would feel to sort through the clutter within me – all my anger, regrets, fear, worries, frustration and the unproductive gunk of emotions that I had collected over the years…all dusty and old, and taking up a whole lot of space.

Now, what separates human beings from animals and plants? It’s our ability to think, reason and rationalize.But as human beings, we also have something called ‘memory’ which is pretty much like a filing cabinet full of our experiences. What one chooses to store there is entirely up to them. However, cluttering up your mind with all the unnecessary and negative stuff is not only consuming your energy but it tends to take its toll on you. It leaves you feeling disoriented and unable to think straight. It leaves you feeling lost and overwhelmed. It leaves you feeling chaotic and unstable but once you actually assess the mess, and understand that it’s time to do away with certain things and feelings or habits, it leaves you feeling liberated. It leaves you with a sense of clarity and peace.

Just like somethings have an expiration date, it’s time to put one on your anger, pain, fears and everything else that exhausts you. Let it go.



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