A Short Story

So I had to write a story under 250 words for work, using a line from the book ‘I Capture the Castle’ by Dodie Smith as a prompt. Here’s some flash fic in response to the prompt – “I write this sitting in the kitchen sink” (didn’t have much time but this was quite fun.) 


I write this sitting in the kitchen sink on a warm, summer evening. With a glass of sparkling wine by my side, I wash away the weariness of my day. I take a moment because lately I’ve been so fleeting and this sole spot by the window makes my world stand still for just a bit. I can’t tell you the name of the song that’s playing on the radio because I can’t remember it.

It’s strange how all it can take is one insignificant second to change your life forever.

It was one foggy moment and the next – I crashed into the side of the bridge, falling off into the cold water under it. When I woke up – I felt like I was born once again. I had no memory of who I was – all the happiness, pain and misery were swept clean from my mind. I could feel stitches under my skin and smell disinfectant and blood.

I panicked and bawled my eyes out like a newborn.

I felt like I accidentally hit “delete” on myself and I couldn’t even remember the man who claimed to be my husband. He looked incredibly hurt but how could I have helped for I didn’t even know him.

I write now, to remind myself of the self that remains although my memory is lost. After all, what are we without our experiences and memories?

I sit here with this glass of wine and grieve over the death of me.


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