Tabula Rasa



4:12 AM


Artist – unknown

I love feeling tiny in this gigantic universe. I am humbled by my smallness. When I look up at the sky and watch the stars flare up in the soothing darkness, it’s a treat for my soul.

Some nights, when I can’t fall asleep because I’m scared of all the thoughts that follow me into my dreams, I listen to instrumentals and I simply let the music devour me.

Sometimes, there’s absolutely nothing that one can do to fix something. It feels like a strenuous test of emotional endurance, but looking up at the stars gives me a sense of comfort.

In this long journey, into myself, I hope I find me there and I hope I find magic in the rainbows and the stars and the music and the wine. Years from now, the time we shared together will feel like just a moment.

Towards the end, when I look at the whole picture, you’ll be a part of it and not the whole picture.

Just like how you and I are a tiny speck in this vast world.

Tiny yet significant.